Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Announcing our first-ever contest: license plate for hybrid car?

The publisher(s) of Green GF Garden (me) are pleased to announce our first ever contest.  You could WIN WIN WIN!  Just come up with the winning entry and you will get an official "thank you" on our high traffic blog, Green GF Garden!

Here are the rules (or at least the situation):
My dear mom is considering branching out after 40 years of only driving Volvos.  Being a born and bred Volvo driver I can sympathize with her plight.  My Volvo wagon gets about 20 MPG, similar to her sedan.  Not too green.  So she is considering buying the first and only new car of her life (normally she gets used ones).  She has her eyes on a Toyota Prius.  To celebrate her first and only new car of her life and the fact that it will get great gas mileage, she wants to also get her first and only vanity plate of her life.  She's looking for something to put on the plate.  She lives in Arizona and the plate is limited to 7 letters/digits.  Do you have a great idea?  We're not above copying someone else's fabulous plate in another state.  But obviously can't copy one in Arizona.  She saw one on a Prius that she liked:


As in, c'mon get on the bandwagon and get a lower impact car!  I want her to get a vibrantly lime green car and one of these plates:


Sadly, she wants a white car so it wouldn't be as big impact.  What are your ideas?  Remember, you could win an official thank you!