Monday, November 9, 2009

Fresh Mint Tea - How hard can it be? A dumb blond joke.

So there is this blond who wants a recipe for making ice...  I think the joke went something like that.  Well here's another joke along those lines, but it is for real.  I've got fresh mint growing in a pot (I'm smart enough to use a pot) on the patio.  Every time I try to make sun tea or boiled tea with the fresh mint (combo of peppermint and spearmint) it ends up really bitter.  Adding honey doesn't mask the bitterness.  Honestly, how hard can it be to make fresh mint tea?  What on earth am I doing wrong?  Should I be using leaves only?  I can't believe that it really has to be dried first to taste good, but I haven't tried drying it yet.  Advice?  Trader Joe's mint tea ingredients reads: Peppermint leaves.  Can't be too tough.