Friday, January 30, 2015

More Fertilizer for that poor carrotwood tree

I got some Osmocote fertilizer and sprinkled it around the struggling carrotwood tree in the back because I didn't think the fish emulsion was balanced enough.  Today I spread that around the tree.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Citrus Help and Fertilizing

The poor mandarins that I planted on on our back slope a few years ago continue to suffer.  I've fertilized, I've rechecked irrigation.  The slope faces West into the canyon, so they get strong afternoon sun and a fair bit of wind.  Today I upped the ante and got out the paint.  I used outside, whitish, latex paint and painted the trunks and lower branches in an attempt to give them some sun protection.  In Arizona (where I grew up), this is a common practice, but you don't see it so much here.  I sure hope this helps them.  I also gave the citrus some Dr. Earth's Citrus Fertilizer.

Years ago I planted about 4 citrus at a different home of ours nearby and they all did fabulously, so I'm shocked at how these are struggling.

The carrotwood tree in back that was very unhappy last year and is slightly better this year got a good dose of fish emulsion today.

DH shredded our accumulated yard trimmings and put it in the compost pile with plenty of coffee grounds from Starbucks.  The pile should be really cooking soon.,