Sunday, June 7, 2015

Soil Sulfur, Citrus, and Solarizing

Those poor citrus - I can seem some teensy, tiny little green shoots coming up off low on the trunk, but not a lot of other action.  I put more soil sulfur in the wells today and clawed it in.  Then I watered it in with a bit of the prior mix of ferrous sulfate and fish emulsion.  Crossing fingers for the distressed trees.

The plastic sheeting that I put on last fall, I'd initially planned to leave on to solarize the North and West garden beds for about 6 weeks.  But then the weather turned cooler, and I thought it should stay on longer.  Then I decided I might as well leave it on until Julyish to really cook the soil.  Alas, it has cooked enough - the plastic has begun disintigrating into little, tiny, hard-to-pick-up plastic bits.  Thus, I removed the plastic sheeting today from those beds.  Since I'm busy, I'll leave the beds fallow for now.