Thursday, December 3, 2009

My husband is a stud-puppy!

I've been so stressed 'cause my clothes washing machine broke yesterday.  I tried to fix it, dear-FIL tried to fix it.  I spent the morning running around the neighborhood looking for an available washer to finish washing my HEAVY, soaking wet half-washed laundry.  Neighbor kindly helped out.  On a good day, I'm up to my ears in laundry so I knew that with the machine out of commission things could get ugly fast.

Sears said they'd charge $130 just to come look at the thing!  I called two independent repair guys, neither of whom returned my call.  One was recommended by friend Amy as "quick, cheap and cute."  Sounds good, right.

DH made the time tonight to take a look at the machine after googling the problem.  The internet is an amazing thing, and so is my husband!  He fixed the broken washing machine!  DH fixed it faster than any of the service guys called me back, he didn't cost me a dime, and he sure is a cutie, if a do say so myself!  I highly recommend him!