Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Figeater Beetles

I keep wanting to start a blog, but the task of a grand introduction is too daunting.  Therefore, I'm starting right in.  This weekend, DH and DS harvested our first batch of homemade compost this year.  In it they found 45 fat wiggly larvae.  I goggled and called the local nursery.  Figeater beetle larvae.  They were about two inches long and as wide as my index finger.  Since the larvae can eat your lawn roots and the beetles can eat soft fruits (likes figs, peaches), the larvae ended up being pitched into the street for the birds to eat.  I'm sorry to say that the birds didn't show a great deal of interest and the street sweeper got most of them on Tuesday morning.


  1. Hey Girl! I couldn't resist jumping on your fun band wagon! Christopher (my husband) took our girls fishing with worms dug out o our compost pile. Alanah, 3 years old, loves to fish! The girls like it when we take our compost out to feed the worms. We even have 2 box turtles that are living off of our compost. Way cool! I don't think we have seen any of these types of worms. Where did they come from???

    Good luck with your blog! With much affection, Sarah

  2. Hey Sarah! You are my first commenter! We'll see if I can keep up any blogging. Since I may need to choose between blogging and sleeping, sleep may win. The turtles sound great. We have a vermicompost bin that is separate from our normal compost bin. Where did they come from? DH did find a shell of the adult beetle in the bin, so they likely came from her. I'll try to post a picture of the adult beetle. Very pretty for a nasty beetle that wants to eat my fruit!


    Ok, there is a link to a picture of the adult. Wish I knew how to do the blogging thing better in terms of posting a photo or editing my old post. Hummmm....

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