Monday, September 28, 2009

Pounds of powdered sugar

Since my Celiac Disease has caused me to be allergic to corn as well, making icing with powdered sugar has been a challenge.  Allergy Grocer used to carry a corn-free version before they collapsed with the Great Recession.  After their demise, I bought a coffee bean grinder on the advice of my friends at GFCFrecipes to grind granulated sugar into powdered.  It works, but the frosting is still grittier than it would be with commercially prepared stuff.  And since my coffee grinder gives dire warnings about only doing 1/4 cup at a time and only two cycles per 5 minutes, it seems to take me a week to grind a couple pounds of powdered sugar.  I'd heard that Trader Joe's carried a corn-free variety, but when I asked last spring I was told it was "seasonal".  Seasonal?  Do people only make frosting at Christmas?  Aren't there birthdays requiring cupcakes all year round?  Since I bring DS's cupcakes to school for all kids' birthdays so he'll have a GF option, we seem to go through a lot of cupcakes. 

So, why am I posting now?  Well, today DS, DD, and I were strolling through Trader Joe's when what should I spy?  CORN-FREE POWDERED SUGAR!!!  Yippeee!  Apparently, 'tis the season!  We gleefully loaded up the cart with all 15 packages they had!  So if you need this product, check out Trader Joe's NOW!  Well, not my Trader Joe's now, since they're out, but you get my meaning. 


  1. could you please tell me the link between your celiac and corn? I have been suspecting corn is a problem for me and I haven't heard any body else mention it. I don't have any thing to reference it to, other than my stomach is still upset and corn is common in our diet. thanks Kelly

  2. Kelly - many people with celiac are only sensitive to gluten. But many people with celiac have also sensitized to many other foods they've eaten. Your gut has been permeable for years (likely) before diagnosis, so your immune system has been seeing all sorts of things that it wasn't supposed to see circulating in your blood. Thus, lots of people sensitize to other top allergens like dairy, soy, egg, nuts, etc. Also, many sensitize to corn. Less common, is that I sensitized to rice, too. So I'm gluten-free, soy-free, egg-free, corn-free, rice-free, artificial color-free, etc. I react to garlic, so I rotate that. I think I react to sorghum, too. It is related to corn, so that would make sense. When I first went GF I got WORSE because I started sub'ing corn for gluten things I would have been eating. Didn't know at the time that I was reacting to corn as well. A fabulous resource for this sort of stuff is the yahoo group:

    I'm new to blogging and curious how you found me. Care to share that?