Thursday, October 29, 2009

What to do with that Halloween pumpkin?

Ok, I admit it.  Halloween isn't even here yet and I'm already fantasizing about how to chop up and eat our pumpkins.  In the bad old days before I knew that one was supposed to bake with those white pumpkins and that the jack-o-lanterns were bred for decor, I recall cooking them, pureeing them and using them for pie.  Anyone else do this with their jack-o-lantern pumpkins?  How about just pureeing it and eating it like squash?  What about the little pumpkins?  Or roasting them with other veggies like one would winter squash?  (I found this image at - it isn't my own work, although I wish it were!)


  1. we cook with our jack o lantern pumpkins every year. I bake them, save and freeze the yummy pumpkin guts and then use them to make pumpkin curry soup and GF pumpkin cookies etc.

  2. Do you have that pumpkin curry soup recipe?

    I ended up cooking a meatloaf in mine. I cut them in half, scooped out the seeds, put the meatloaf inside and baked them. I'd say it was ok - not a WOW - but good enough.