Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Garden Update April 2010, Part 2

Today I finally got some of the tomatoes that I'd started from seed in the ground.  I'd planted one about 2 weeks ago but the warm air dried it up into nothing.  I'm hoping that the weather will be less extreme in the next few days and these ones will make it.  I planted some Black Krim, Cherokee Purple, Pineapple Tomato, Yellow Pear Tomato, and Brandywine.  I'm most excited to taste the Pineapple variety.  I also put some of my seedlings for eggplant in the ground and the one pepper out of four I started that has survived thus far.

About half of my snap peas are still blooming and growing strong and the other half is done.  Why?  Essentially the same location.  I wonder if it is disease or what.  Anyone know?

This Friday DS's school is taking a field trip to a dairy farm.  I think I'll bring a trash can to try to bring home some manure.  Should I just add it to my compost bin?  Anyone with experience composting cow manure?

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