Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rummage Sale Score

Do you have the garage sale bug?  I must confess that I do.  I was particularly excited to see a multi-family sale and a girl scout rummage sale very nearby.  So today I went out looking for a pressure canner, canning jars and a tag-a-long bike. 

I found none of these.  But, as is the way with rummage sales, I found other things to spend my money on.  Since DH doesn't share the garage sale bug, and thus his reaction leaves something to be desired, I gotta tell you about my finds.
- got a basketball hoop for DS for his b-day for $3
- a cute, two piece outfit in great condition for DD for $1
- a silicone mini-muffin baking pan in heart shapes for 50 cents
- a new Topsy Turvy Tomato thingy for $2.  (I kept eying those in the stores and catalogs but couldn't bring myself to buy one retail.)
- a bunch of kids books, including hardbacks that look brand-spanking new for 50 cents each
- and here is the real score - hundreds (literally) of packages of various crafting supplies for about 7.5 cents a piece.  I spent $20 total on that.  I'm going to be selling at a swap meet tomorrow (for other reasons) and have repackaged and crafted with some of the items already to resell.  Some necklaces, pins for jewelry, fridge magnets.  I needed a way to display them.  After killing the black widow spider that had taken up residence on an old cork board in the garage, and dispatching the egg sac as well, I brought the board inside.  Using a stapler and a large piece of black cloth that I'd recently received via Freecycle, I covered the cork board to look more professional.  I made up little signs for the display items and attached them to the board in little baggies with push pins.  To attach the un-bagged magnets, my husband dug some wire mesh out of the garage.  I cut a piece with tin snips, covered the sharp edges with black electric tape, and attached that to the board with push pins.  The magnets hold onto it so well!  In all, I think I made about 100 items to sell on that board.  If I sell even 20 of them, I'll make my money back plus have 90% of the crafting supplies left.  Cool!
Wish me luck tomorrow.  Hopefully I'll make some money at the swap meet AND find a pressure canner, canning jars, and tag-a-long bike.

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