Sunday, May 2, 2010

Manure made my day

This weekend was such a great gardening weekend.  It started early on Friday with a preschool field trip to a local dairy farm.  It was a very kid-friendly, educational trip.  The kids' favorite part was probably getting to play in the cottonseed pile in the feed barn.

Knowing in advance that where they have cows, they have cow manure, I brought my shovel, gloves and trash can.  I expected to be offered to muck out some stalls.  Lo and behold, this dairy has developed a very successful side business of supplying organic compost to local organic farms.  DS, DD, and I stayed after the tour to get some black gold from the compost business.  We had a great time watching the compost guy load up an enormous open-topped big rig with about 42 cubic yards of compost.  We also came home with a trash can and several bags full in the back of the minivan.  Unfortunately, we were late home for lunch, nap, had a chaotic evening and before I knew it, it was Saturday morning and my van was still full of cow manure.  For the record, when I opened the car door, the olfactory stimuli were overwhelming.  But that was some good s**t.


  1. It is called Frank Konyn Dairy. It is near the Wild Animal Park, just a little east of the emus.