Monday, June 30, 2014

Apple leather and dried fruit

The apple supply this year is beyond my energy for canning it into applesauce, so I got out the dehydrator.  I've made several loads of apple leather and dried fruit.  I have a 7-tiered commercial dehydrator with a fan in the middle.  There are 4 sheets that can do apple leather, so if I want to run the dehydrator full, I need to add in some dried fruit.

For the apple leather I simply wiped the sheets with olive oil on a tissue to provide a little non-stick help.  I washed, cored, trimmed, and quartered the apples before pureeing them in the Vitamix and pouring/spooning it onto the trays.  About 2 full VM containers of apples yields enough for the 4 trays of leather.

For the dried fruit I sliced apple thinly (less than the thickness of the puree in the tray) and put them on the drying trays.  I also put in some apricot slices and banana slices to dry.  The dried banana ended up being a family favorite along with the apple leather.

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