Sunday, February 14, 2016

Fertilized at New House, Community Garden

We moved in Sept 2015 and now I'm finally getting around to the bare minimum of yard work.  We have a citrus tree in the front that looks a lot like a Valencia Orange.  The prior owner thought it might be a mandarin but was unsure.  It doesn't look like a mandarin.  Another in the front that is almost dead, but resprouting from the stem.  It is labeled a Washington Navel Orange.  There is a tiny Anna Apple.  In the back there is a small Babcock White Peach and Pomegranate.  All of these I fertilized today.  Plus, I did the potted herbs and veggies, the carrotwood trees, a bougainvillea, and 2 star jasmines.  I hope to plant some more citrus soon.

Also, about 2 weeks ago I fertilized at the community garden. From there we've been eating kale, beets, bok choy, and one strawberry!  Also, this week I picked some radishes.  DD and DS planted some of that garden this winter and nothing is labeled, so it is a surprise when things come up.

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