Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dare-Me Diet Deal Day 8 of (54), no 52

I'm now on Day 8 of my Vita-Mix deal diet.  Since I've lost 2 pounds, I'm committed to a mere 52 total days now.  I've been experimenting with different smoothies for breakfast.  Some include my homemade yogurt which is a great way to dress it up.  Other favorites include humus, hash browns, and "ice cream."  A big plus is that it is way easier to clean than a normal blender and it can handle textures that would otherwise not work.  Today I even got out the grinder blades to make wild rice flour for pancakes and amaranth flour for tortillas (the latter were good and worthy of repeating.)  I also like that it makes it easier to consume greens more regularly.  The biggest minus is time.  I already run around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to keep my duckies safe, occupied, fed, and happy.  Preparing food from even more basic ingredients than I already do is time-consuming.  And I soooo miss chocolate and ice cream.  If I ever get some time I'll post some favorite recipes.

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