Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dare-Me Diet Deal Intro

I've been wanting a Vita-Mix after hearing friends on-line and in-person say how much they like theirs for green smoothies and grinding beans and gluten-free grains.  But honestly, who can justify a $600 blender?  Well, look at me, I did! 

I didn't want to get it and not use it, so here is the dare/deal I made with myself.  I'll use it for A LOT of my food initially.  Here are the rules, with a little algebra thrown in for good measure.  For D days, I will eat:
1) Food prepared in my new Vita-Mix
2) Fresh fruits and vegetables
3) Lean animal meats (fish, chicken, turkey)

Where D = (X/10) - P
X = Cost of the Vita-Mix     and
P = Pounds lost

When pitching this elaborate justification scheme to DH, he said, "Well, I guess I have to be honest here."  He took a deep breath, and we both braced ourselves for the painful truth.  "I think losing 10 pounds would be a good goal."  Owwww, man!  But he's right, and then some.  Not that I mentioned to him that my goal was weight loss.  He is so in the dog house for bringing that up!  ;)  My main goal was to justify a Vita-Mix to use for grinding GF stuff and getting more fruits and veggies in our diets.  But losing some of the weight I've gained in the last year would be fabulous.  I know what the problem is - I eat junky food for energy, which gives me temporary energy, then makes me tired, so I eat the wrong stuff again, so I have energy, then I'm tired....  You get the idea.  I hope this Dare-Me Diet Deal will break that sugar addiction cycle AND justify spending way too much money on a blender.  Perhaps this hard-core intro period will get me in the habit of using the Vita-Mix and make me stretch creatively in its use.

So this morning I went out and bought a 5200 TURBO (actually, I'm kidding about the turbo part) at Costco.  It had an extra $100 dry grinding unit for the grains and beans.  With tax, the horrifying bottom line was $537.20.  So, getting back to our algebra:
D = 537.20/10 - P
Let's assume I stay the same weight.
D = 537.20/10 -0
D = 53.72
Let's round that to 54.  54 days.  Holy cow!  What have a done?!  Quick, send me your favorite blender recipes!

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  1. I love my vitamix, it is my best friend. But my use is quite different from yours. My 6 year old daughter is alive and well because of the hard work of my vitamix. See she is tube fed(and has been for years) and does not tolerate enteral formulas, they make her violently ill. I decided that if she was fed by mouth, I would be feeding her fresh, whole foods so why not do that through her tube. The only blender that really works well for this sort of application is a vitamix. I blend the same healthy food I am cooking for my family into a slim fast consistency to put in my daughter's feeding tube. She is thriving and I feel wonderful about providing her with near perfect nutrition.