Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dare-Me Diet Deal Day 1 of 54

To summarize and simplify the math of the intro post, D = 54 - P, where D = the number of Days I'm on my blender-intensive diet and P is the number of pounds lost.  54 days is a shockingly long time.  Perhaps this wasn't such a good idea.  But if I lost 54 pounds by tomorrow, I'd be done with the blender-intensive diet AND I'd be a skeleton.  But perhaps I can find a happy medium here.

Today, P=0 'cause it is day 1.  What if I gain weight?!  Uggghhh! 

Oh, and I forgot to mention in part of the deal, if I cheat, that day doesn't count and I have to tack on a day for it at the end.

Today I got the blender and got home about 12:30pm.  The kids were hungry and the house was chaotic, so I didn't have time to unpack it or figure it out before lunch.  My lunch entailed salmon, fruits and veggies.  Before dinner, I only had time to clean the machine and make a simple green smoothie: greens, carrots, juice, banana, hemp protein powder.  Now it is 6:35 and I'm still hungry!  I gotta figure out how to use this thing better.  I need some nut butter, stat!

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