Friday, January 22, 2010

Parsley Pesto

Hi to all my loyal fans!  I wanted you both to know that I tried my Fabulous Pesto tonight with the herbs I had on hand and it turned out great.  My basil in the garden had not been happy about some 30's-ish lows last month, so I only had a tad of that for my pesto.  I had a bit of cilantro and TONS of parsley.  It was vibrantly green and yummy on our bean thread pasta.  By the time you put parmesan, pine nuts and garlic on anything it would taste great.


  1. It sounds great too! I will have to try it now since parlsey is so cheap.

  2. And it is even cheaper to grow! I gave mine a major haircut last night and got about 6 cups worth of leaves out of it!

  3. I recently tried making pesto with spinach and that was actually quite good also. I almost always use almonds instead of pine nuts because of the huge price difference (and again it still comes out fine).